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Macworld Expo Boston 06, we hardly knew ye

David Chartier

Even though we've had meetups at and reports from Macworld Expo Boston, and even though Dave Caolo all but promised us Macworld was staying in Boston, it appears more powerful forces were at work, as Macworld is reporting that Macworld Expo Boston has been cancelled - for good. The reason is no surprise: support and attendance. Both have been dwindling since IDG World Expo moved the summer Macworld expo back to Boston from NY, despite Apple pulling out in 2004. IDG World Expo has stated they'll still be working closely with Apple to put on a darn snazzy San Francisco expo from here on out.

Honestly I'm kind of surprised. I know support and interest have been slowly declining, but Apple is on such a hot streak right now that I figured the event would rebound sooner or later. So what really gives? Is Apple "that guy" who just has to be at the party to get things rockin?

[via MacSlash]


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