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Podsites put a bartender in your pocket


Slashfood has a note about a couple of iPod-based drink recipe databases suitable for using on your iPod. Using html-linked notes (some call them podsites), the databases are browsable and somewhat interactive. Drunkenbatman would be proud.

The iPod bartender  has a working demo on their site. So you can show it off to friends... It's also got a BoozeMix, which is like shuffle for your recipes. You pick your drinks based on a category, like Flaming or Eggnogs. I couldn't find plain ol' Flaming Eggnogs though.

Apple nods to the drinking set with Podtender on their site. Although the pic of a 3G iPod at this point is a little comical. It boasts over 900 recipes, and can show each of them individually. They are pretty much sorted by name, which I think makes it more usable. You pay for the additional recipes though, as Podtender costs $10.

Why do this on an iPod? Because nobody wants one of these, do they?


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