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Dell Axim x51v now out and reviewed

Dell Axim x51v

Yep, a little birdie told us it was coming and apparently it's now official — the Dell Axim x51v is out and about and available on the Dell website ($499 all maxed out, $399 for the mid-range Axim X51 WiFi, and $299 for the Axim X51 entry-level unit). Pocketnow had a look at the unit and gave it high marks for the 256MB ROM, fast processor speed, gorgeous graphics and screen, increased battery life versus the X50v, and, of course, for Windows Mobile 5. However the latter is a double-edged sword, as you'll have to be careful about installing third party apps if they haven't been updated for WM5. There's also no A2DP Bluetooth profile support, though it'll supposedly get added later in the year with a WM5 update. The other thing they'd have liked to see is a wider viewing angle on the screen so that you can watch movies in landscape orientation with someone other than your Siamese twin.

Dell Axim x51v vertical

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