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Do Jujubes have a place in home theaters?

Kevin C. Tofel

If John Dvorak didn't vote in our "Is HDTV keeping you from the movies?" poll, that's OK. We now know how he would have voted. Earlier today, Dvorak stated that two industries are about to get knocked into next week: newspapers and movies. As far as the movie industry: we're right there with you John; that was the point we were making with the poll!

You could argue that movie-going is a social experience to be shared and that we're going to miss that experience due to home theaters. Quite frankly, the only worthwhile social experience I had in the theater was to see who could spit a Jujube the farthest. [What can I say; I was an angry teen!]

As Dvorak points out in his article, I can sit in my home theater, pause my movie, get a cheap snack and more. So what will the movie industry do to draw us back in and reverse the tide? If they can put some yardage markers in the aisle so I can officially measure the flight of my Jujube, I might consider coming back.

What will Hollywood have to do to move you from the home theater to the movie theater?


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