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Palm sued over Treos

Ryan Block, @ryan
Treo 650 basic image

Welcome to the elite, Palm—you know you've made it when, as a qwerty phone manufacturer, you've been sued. So what're they facing a California class action lawsuit over, exactly? Well, a few minor things like "extremely poor sound quality and buzzing, choppiness, speakerphone problems, poor and broken screens, phone crashes, software crashes and electrical surges," unacceptably high failure rates, and other such trifles in Treo 650s and 600s. You know, the stuff we as Treo users know nothing, nothing about.

P.S. You really should take a look at the legal filing, it's got some great stuff. Some of the actually listed complaints are "Camera does not function," "Electrical surges causing damage to screen and shocking user," and our personal favorite: "MP3 player is useless." [Warning: PDF link]

[Via GigaOm]

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