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City of Heroes Halloween HDTV contest


Do you play City of Heroes, want the City of Villains expansion pack, an HDTV, and an iPod nano? Man is this your lucky day, just surrender all self respect, enter this contest and you could win all three of those, as well as Tivo Series2 DVR's or iPod nanos for the runner-ups.

The rules below:

Before November 7th (a week after Halloween), send us an in-game screenshot of your hero, and a no more than 250 word description of your hero’s Archvillain (who they are and why they’re the Archvillain, plus any other info you want to provide). Along with the screenshot and description, send us a couple digital pictures of the unique Archvillain costume you created for this contest and wore out on Halloween. Those that submit the best descriptions and Archvillain costumes will be handsomely rewarded!

Now, where did I put those Spiderman pajamas.......

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