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Dual Layer HD-DVD holds 30GB

Matt Burns

I just don't know anymore. My world is thrown into a tussle. Is Blu-Ray really the best format? I mean, they have the biggest capacity, the most support from the studios, the coolest name, and when was the last time Sony let you down (last one is a joke). Seriously, Blu-Ray seems to have been the golden child of the technical community because of its capacity. But, HD-DVD just through a stick in my spokes.

Toshiba just received approval for a new dual layer HD DVD that will hold up to 30 gigs. Sure, they have had experimental disks before that held 45 gigs, but they are going to make this 30 gig disk. So Toshiba is (most likely) going to be the first on the market, have support from a good amount of studios, and have close to the capacity of Blu-Ray.

It looks like they might put up a heck of a fight.


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