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Who wants a wedding DJ when you've got an iPod?

Ryan Block, @ryan
iPod DJ

We kind of understand the rationale. Why spend hundreds of dollars to hire a wedding DJ when you can load up an iPod or two (or a laptop, for that matter), and choose the playlist yourself down to the last song? Got a request? Put it in the queue, buddy! Because for less money than hiring Robbie Hart to belt out the classics you can just buy yourself a shiny new friend and sort it out yourself. Of course, the DJs argue that only a live person behind the decks can sense what the crowd wants to hear right then, time music properly, do intros, and all that rot, but as we recently learned when we actually did attend a wedding DJed by iTunes and a playlist, it just doesn't seem to matter as much as they might have you think.

[Via TechDirt]

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