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Cingular's push-to-talk is a go for mid October

Ryan Block, @ryan

Cingular PTT flier + Samsung D357

If you're a HoFo regular you're probably not going to be floored by what we got, but multiple sources inside Cingular have hooked us up pretty extensively with the plans on their new push-to-talk service. Basically it should be scheduled for announcement on October 13th, and will cost users an additional $9.99 per month for unlimited PTT minutes (or family-plan users $19.99). As expected, their PTT launch devices will be the LG F7200, and the Samsung D357, which itself will feature MP3 ringtones, Bluetooth, and, if we understand correctly, EDGE data. Hope you're not as sick of those push-to-talk ringers going off as we are, because soon you're gonna be hearing a whole lot more of 'em.

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