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Epson's 80GB P-4000 Photo Fine player


Epson p-2000 and p-4000

Yum, so Epson just announced their P-4000 Photo Fine Player. Besides the bump to an 80GB drive, nothing really seems to have changed over the award winning P-2000; it's still being billed as a multimedia storage viewer for the hardcore digital photographer who requires the ability to store images in either RAW or JPEG formats via integrated support for CompactFlash and SD memory cards, the ability to verify JPEG exposure and Exif information for both RAW and JPEG files, and features a 16x display zoom to check picture quality. But like its predecessor, owners will quickly find that it also makes for a tasty PMP with its 3.8-inch VGA resolution display, MPEG-2/4, MP3, and AAC playback, and the ability to pump the video out to your TeeVee. No price deets yet but we know it'll drop on October 6th.

[Via Le Journal du Geek, thanks Aniki]

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