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Griffin digging into the iPod nano market


nanonowThis in from Paris: Griffin is working full throttle to update its line of products for the iPod nano, for any of you interested. Currently supported products include the PowerJolt car charger, the TuneJuice battery pack, and the RoadTrip; devices being outfitted with the 30 pin iPod connector (instead of the older 4 conductor mini jack and headphone connector) for nano-compatibility include the iFM and the SmartDeck, with nano versions of both the iFM and SmartDeck slated for early November. The new RoadTrip, even though it is compatible today, will also sport an updated form factor for the nano's nano size. Griffin even went on to mention new products designed specifically for nano were on the way, but were reticent to give us info for fear we may release too many details. What? Us? Release details? Naaaaaaah. Besides, isn't that the attitude that cursed Griffin to only now be able to start work on their nano accessory line?

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