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Nintendo DS "Best Friends" Nintendogs edition

Ryan Block, @ryan

Nintendo DS

Believe it or not, yesterday was officially the last dog day of summer, which means we at Engadget have already got to start thinking about what's coming up for the holidays. And we wanna puppie this year, ok? But you know as well as we do we can't be trusted with living animals—how are we supposed to take care of a puppy when we haven't even gotten up from our chairs in like four days? So say, "Hi! Hiiiii there little guy!" to the Nintendo DS "Best Friends" Nintendogs edition, a bundle pack DS in Pearl Pink or Teal that includes a bone-shaped screen cleaner, Nintendogs DS skin, and most importantastically, a version of Nintendogs with starter puppies of the six most popular breeds: beagle, German shepherd, golden retriever, Labrador retriever, miniature dachshund, and Yorkshire terrier. Plus, $150 is a helluva lot less than those vet costs, so do yourself a favor before your apartment smells like dog urine, ok?

[Via Joystiq]

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