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Ubisoft would consider EA takeover, if price was right

Ross Miller

UbisoftUbisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told a local French newspaper today that he would consider an acquisition if the price was high. From a company who publishes Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Myst, Far Cry, and the upcoming King Kong, that price would have to be pretty massive (Beyond Good & Evil should be mentioned, too - not as a financial success, but an achievement that Ubisoft published it). Who could afford such a bid – everyone's favorite Electronic Arts, of course. "We are not safe from a hostile action from Electronic Arts, which it would be difficult to block if they make a genuinely interesting offer," Guillemot told the paper.

From a corporate standpoint, this makes sense - most shareholders must have thought so, too, as Ubisoft's stock rose after these statements. Would an EA takeover affect your decision to buy a previously Ubisoft franchise?

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