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Jamster gets slammed in UK ruling

Evan Blass
crazy frog

So the full frontal assault on ringtone huckster purveyor Jamster is shifting into high-gear, at least in the UK, where joyous British citizens will no longer be subjected to those awful Crazy Frog jingles until after 9 P.M. In a victory for TV-lovers everywhere, the London-based High Court ruled that the Advertising Standards Authority may continue to run its anti-Jamster campaign (striking down Jamster's request for an injunction), and may also impose a daytime ad ban, due to almost 300 user complaints about Jamster's questionable business practices. As anyone who has suffered through these terrible commercials (and who of us hasn't, many times over) knows, they are clearly targeting children with their rather juvenile 'tones and, ala Joe Camel and friends, cartoony characters. And once your kid (or you) orders that first swag from Jamster, prepare to become members of an opt-out only, we'll-send-you-new-garbage-everyday-if-we-can, download club. To Jamster's credit, they did create a website allowing parents to block a phone number from ordering Jamster content, but they have yet to implement a program notifying people in very big letters and very clearly-spoken words that they are about to enter into an unholy pact with the Ringtone Devil.

[Via MocoNews]

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