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Jesus plays World of Warcraft

Vladimir Cole

The lord plays World of WarcraftLandover Baptist shares with us a story on the trend of Christian gaming enthusiasts who have flocked to Blizzard's popular World of Warcraft game to proselytize, by violence if necessary, as evinced by one guild leader who has engaged in "conversion duels on multiple servers where he challenges other players to duel with him. If he wins, they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior."

Hint: Landover Baptist is satire, but it wouldn't be funny if there weren't a hint of truth in it. There are a number of Christian-themed guilds in WoW. One of them is Redeemed, a guild that was started when "a few friends were fascinated about how many Christians were wanting to start a Warcraft guild where they could all talk, game, and fellowship with one another."

WoW is big enough and popular enough to support guilds organized around just about every affinity. There's no reason why Christian goals can't be guild goals. Most newbie starting areas are a good distance from proper baptismal waters though, that's got to be tough.

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