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Even better pics of the Sony Ericsson W850

Peter Rojas
Sony Ericsson W850a

We know how much Sony Ericsson loves it when we post up pics of unannounced new cellphones. so we figured we'd make it a threefer this weekend and post up these nice, crisp photos of their new W850 Walkman phone that turned up on a Hungarian website a couple of weeks ago (apparently T-Mobile was showing off a bunch of new handsets there). No new details about the phone or when it might be released, but supposedly it is going to have have a QVGA (320 x 240 pixel) screen, 3G, and a digital camera on front for making video calls.

[Thanks, anonymous Hungarian tipster]

Sony Ericsson W850

Sony Ericsson W850

The W850 alongside the S710 (displaying someone?s questionable taste in wallpaper).

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