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Treo 700w officially announced

Treo 700w

We just tuned in for the official Treo 700w announcement, in which a great drinking game could have been had surrounding the words "strategic partnership." Not a lot of earth-shattering new details beyond what we already knew (WinMo 5.0, one megapixel camera, EV-DO, Bluetooth, 64MB memory), other than the fact that it's gonna be launched exclusively on Verizon. They haven't announced an official naming scheme for the device quite yet, and are currently referring to it affectionately as the "Treo smartphone on Windows Mobile." They're opening up the Q&A now with the warning that they won't be announcing any further specs or pricing at this time. When pressed on release schedule, Palm President and CEO Ed Colligan indicated "very early next year."

Update: From the Q&A it does appear that the screen resolution is 240x240.

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