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Price gap narrows between 50-inch LCD, DLP RPTV's


As a part of Displaybank's price trends for August 2005, they continued tracking the price changes for various types of TV's the Korean, Japan and U.S. markets. This month the average price of 50" DLP screens fell to $2042, sharply closing the gap with LCD-based RPTV's which remained above the $2k mark for August, while CRT prices at that size stayed below $1500 worldwide. Also notable was movement in the 37" LCD screen market:

"37" LCD TVs, which have recently emerged as the mainstream products in the large-size TV market, posted a more than 6% drop in prices in August. Notably, the U.S. market showed a drop of more than 10%, leading the overall downward trend. By contrast, the fall in Japan was only about 1%. Considering that LPL's aggressive panel pricing strategy will have a great impact on 37" prices, and this will be followed by the size standardization competition between 40" and 42" caused by the release of a large volume of 40" products planned by Samsung Electronics in the foreseeable future, we need to keep an eye on set vendors' price trends for 37" and 40" LCD TVs. Still, the price gap between 37" and 40" LCD TVs was high at US$1,300. ASPs for 37" LCD TVs were US$2,625."

Click below for the full breakdown including prices for the last year on PDP and LCD TV's.


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