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Perfect Dark scaled down to meet launch deadline


Perfect Dark Zero (old render)Rare has been forced to make some last minute cuts to ensure that Perfect Dark Zero will be at the forefront of the Xbox 360 launch. Initially, Rare had promised 50-player online multiplayer capabilities; that number has been scaled back to 32, which is still twice the number of standard, current generation titles on Xbox Live. In addition, the DataDyne TV mode was scrapped; a feature that would have allowed players to watch and upload multiplayer matches.

However, Rare has suggested that these cutbacks may be implemented via an Xbox Live download at a later date. No word yet on whether or not this download would cost money. But having to pay extra to enjoy the features we've been looking forward to all along would make for some unhappy gamers. Seriously. Unhappy. Gamers.

[Thanks, JamesO]

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