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Sirius and XM in trouble for radio recording capabilities

samsung nexus small

Apple isn't the only company that's not forking over enough of its revenue to keep the RIAA happy. Sirius and XM are in hot water for their upcoming devices that allow listeners to record and time shift their satellite radio programs, including songs. The Tivo-like capability has music industry executives claiming that such devices (such as the Samsung neXus pictured at right) allow for "permanent ownership of copyrighted material without paying for it." We're sure screwed if they find out about all those mix-tapes we made from radio rips back in the 90's. The recording big wigs are also unhappy about the current licensing fees that are being paid by XM and Sirius, and claim that they'll be upping them substantially when the original seven year contract runs out. This should be fun to watch, if nothing else.

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