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Blackberry 8700 is for realz

Blackberry 8700 in triplicate

No official announcement yet but Pinstack did manage to score the specs and some more pics of the Blackberry 8700 that is expected to be officially unveiled any day now. Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE with bluetooth 2.0, 312 MHz processor, 16MB RAM/64MB ROM, and an updated form factor that's thinner and narrower than the 7200 series. Supposedly the OS will have gotten improved performance and improved UI across the board for navigation and reaction times, web browsing, third party apps, expanded media support, and viewing attachments. Sources say that 8700 (codenamed Electron) will become available via major carriers in the neighborhood of December of this year or very early 2006.

[Thanks, Franklin]

Blackberry 8700 frontal

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