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HP is giving away HDTVs

Matt Burns

Hewlett Packard has been dabbling in HDTV’s for about a year now. It appears that they are ready to blow the lid of things and launch their products in a big way. They have started a 6-week HDTV give away that will see five lucky people getting an HDTV, plus on the sixth week they will give away a grand prize of "HP Digital Entertainment package."

HP started a "blog" about it, written by their HD man's man named Ted. This guy apparently is here to help other men purchase a high-def TVs. The blog is, of course, there to introduce you to the HDTVs by HP, so take the stuff with a grain of salt.

Example: They have on the right side panel a definition of Wobulation, stating that it is a 'killer' part of the set. Yes, it does increase resolution but often at the cost of clarity. Wobulation is a practice used by many manufactures, Samsung for one, to produce a higher resolution and often make the jump to 1080p.

Even still, a free HDTV is still better then no free HDTV; full details are available after the jump.

Press Release from HP:

"Hi. I'm Daniel Rocheleau, HP's Digital Entertainment manager. I thought I'd share some exciting new developments.

Ted and the HP TV Giveaway-coming soon to a computer screen near you. Spend time with Ted and his TV. From teaching people how to fake a rare illness to gain more quality TV time, and the art of manipulating significant others into purchasing a new HP TV, Ted is every TV-loving man's hero. I have to admit that it's a pretty entertaining approach.

If you're anything like me and not quite ready to guilt-trip your spouse into a high-definition TV purchase, enter the HP TV giveaway. For five weeks in a row, HP's giving away a new TV-plus free in-home installation. On the sixth week, someone will win the grand prize package of HP digital entertainment products. Finally, a TV giveaway that makes sense."

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