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More to the Origen Xbox 360 site than meets the eye?

Dan Choi

Places 5 and 6 on the Origen Xbox 360 siteTeamXbox dug into the Origen Xbox 360 code the other day and discovered some interesting secrets not yet revealed on Microsoft's curious site, including some of the additional ways to win spots at the Origen 360 launch party, as well as a $10,000 gaming rig which may or may not be the fabled Origen treasure.

As each pair of ripening fruit will apparently coincide with a new round of competition for a pair of places at the Origen party, the first round naturally belongs to the question-and-answer folks from Europe who've been eligible to enter so far. Still restricted to select members of the EU, the second round belongs to creative (and prescient?) rumormongers, while the third goes to the top partners on the Halo 2 Double Team leader board. The gaming rig comes next, but the seventh and eighth pieces of fruit may have remained unaccounted for.

So what do those MS marketing managers still have up their sleeves? Judging by gamer comments so far,  we hope they've saved the best for last (for Microsoft's sake).

[Thanks, Jez]

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