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Worst games of 2005: garbage to avoid

Vladimir Cole

bad games go in garbageWhat is the very worst game released in 2005 for each of the current gaming platforms? Here's the tally of the year's biggest wastes of shelf space, as determined by their Metacritic scores.

Winner: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That may not be chocolate in those vats, judging from the sour critical reception.

Read on for the rest.

  • Game Boy Advance: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2K Games): ?There isn?t really any fun to be had past an hour, if you can even get that far without replacing the cartridge slot with something more? fun.? ? Nintendo Power

  • GameCube: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2K Games): ?The controls are awful, the camera is beyond appalling, the graphics are hideous, the environments are bare, the gameplay is unbearably repetitive and the whole thing is an utter chore to play.? ? Eurogamer

  • Nintendo DS: Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action (Ignition Entertainment): ?Anyone older than 3 that picks this game up for themselves should really have their head examined. The reason is simple: Animaniacs is a child?s game through and through, but the gameplay is way too frustrating for the intended audience.? ? Game Chronicles

  • PlayStation 2: Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction (Oxygen Interactive): ?Conspiracy is a messy doodle of a game, characterless like a mushed slab of wet soap. There?s no hook, no gimmick, not a single hint that even the tiniest shred of imagination has been expended during its creation.? ? Computer and Video Games

  • PC: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2K Games): ?This game is terrible in every area, with unresponsive controls, choppy graphics, and uninteresting minigames that look and feel a lot like the free Java/Flash games available on the Web.? ? GameSpot

  • PSP: Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory (Konami): ?Here?s how Rengoku works: take something cool and mess it up. It?s that simple. They took robots and they made them boring and stupid.? ? Thunderbolt

  • Xbox: Chicago Enforcer (Kemco): ?It sucks in a vomitous, spirit-crushing kind of way.? ? Game Informer

[Updated to change attribution of Chicago Enforcer quote. Thanks, Gary.]

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