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Cheap Xbox 360 bundles back in stock at Costco

Vladimir Cole

Xbox 360 bundle from CostcoDiscount retailer Costco has resumed taking orders on the Xbox 360 premium bundle that they momentarily took offline after presumably strong demand from gamers sick of getting ripped off by silly bundles from GameStop.

The Costco bundle clocks in at a healthy $479 and includes the premium bundle, an extra wireless controller, a play and charge kit, and the game Project Gotham Racing 3.

Don't be suckered into a foolish purchase by apparent scarcity though. There will be more than enough Xbox 360s to go around at launch, and the price probably has some cushion built into it for a subsequent drop closer to the PlayStation 3 launch. If you're patient, you'll eventually find a price more to your liking. If you're impatient, the Costco deal is one of the fairest we've seen.

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