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Inkel's P40CY boombox rocks USB

Evan Blass

inkel p40cy boombox

When the Engadget posse rolls up on your block, yo, you best believe you're gonna hear us comin'. Not only do we roll crazy deep, but we push the baddest ghetto blasters this side of the Bronx. That being said, we wouldn't be caught dead rocking Korean manufacturer Inkel's new P40CY boombox, which looks like it came straight out of the foyer of a Princeton eating club. It's got no soul, ya heard? Other than its lack of street cred, though, the P40CY sports some impressive specs for under $200, including 600 watts of power, auxiliary line-in and USB host support for portable DAPs, and a CD player that can handle MP3 CDs. But if you're looking to play us out with your frat-style prep-box, you need to back on up, son. If you're just hosting the Queen of England for afternoon tea, however, the P40CY may be right up your alley. ENG4LYFE, fools.

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