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Last NTP patent ruled invalid -- RIM says "na na na-nana"

Blackberry 8700 frontal

More bad news for we-don't-actually-make-anything NTP in their long legal dispute with RIM — the US patent office just made a "first office action" rejecting the validity of the last of eight NTP patents they were reviewing, 5 of which were at the heart of the RIM patent infringement suit. While this would seem the end, it sadly is not — afterall, this is the US patent office and legal system we're talking about, eh. NTP lawyers responded by saying they had hoped expected this to be a "multiyear process"  and analysts cautioned investors against "becoming too euphoric" as this decision has "only partial bearing on the case." One thing seems certain though, it's a damned good thing RIM never paid the half billion USD they settled on in March!

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