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The Murata Seisaku-kun robot wants to ride his bicycle

Murata bike robot

Well at least it's good to know that when robots take over the earth they won't all be driving around in a bunch of road hogging cars. The "Murata Seisaku-kun" robot being built by Murata Manufacturing in Japan can get around on his very own bicycle; pedaling along at the nauseatingly slow pace of 1.24 miles an hour. He can follow pre-programmed paths and has a sensor to track which way he's leaning and adjust the handlebars accordingly — too bad he won't be going fast enough to steer it over any sweet jumps. The robot is actually so skilled at biking slow that he can maintain his upright position even while stopped due to a rotating disk built into his belly, which would've sure come in handy back when we used to race the neighbor kids to see who could bike the slowest. On the other hand, we're sure glad we didn't have to learn how to ride on a freaking balance beam like poor Murata seems to be doing.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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