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Today on "Days of our lives", I mean Blu-ray vs. HD DVD


Dell, HP and the rest of the Blu-ray proponents said that Microsoft is a bunch of lying liars. To be more specific, they said 50 GB is real and on its way, managed copy is an option, and that their interactivity is much more L33T.

Microsoft has now responded to the response, saying that dual layer Blu-ray is not nearly as much of a certainty as has been suggested.

"HD DVD is proven to deliver 30GB capacity today, with the potential to deliver even greater capacity. The 50GB claim for BD-ROM discs is unproven and will not be available for many years to come, based on discussions with major Japanese and US replicators. Replicators not only do not have test lines running, they cannot even pre-order the equipment to begin evaluating this disc. They cannot judge the cost of these discs, or even whether they can be manufactured at all. Major replicators can mass manufacture 30GB HD DVD discs today and it's well understood that these discs will cost significantly less to manufacture than the lower-capacity 25GB BD discs."

Just when you thought it might be over, Josh Peterson of HP went on record with Tom's Hardware saying:

"I've seen the lines that are making dual-layer BD-ROM drives. I've been to the factories. I've seen the lines where they're making dual-layer recordable discs. So [Microsoft and Intel] saying that it's not possible is obviously misinformation that they were fed, or that they're feeding others."

So where does each challenger stand on your scorecard now?

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