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Dan needs an antenna

Kevin C. Tofel

We got a question about antennas from Dan via our contact form. Dan's looking for the best antenna for his new Samsung HDTV set that includes both an ATSC and NTSC tuner.

Dan, I've personally used a Terk TV55 in my attic with good results; no movement of the antenna was required and I was roughly 20 miles from the local DTV towers. Currently, I'm about 5 miles farther, but I'm also higher, so I get away with a Terk model TV5 on top of my HDTV tuner (pictured above). That one does require some adjustment of the antenna direction, but I can live with that. Both Terk models are amplified.

Matt has also used the indoor TV5 as well as the TV3. In a few weeks he'll be installing a TV38 rooftop-antenna from Terk, so watch for a post on that. I should also mention that my next door neighbor receives his OTA signal WITHOUT an antenna. His set is in the basement, so we decided to run a basic coax cable from the tuner and attach it to the copper piping in the house. Turns out that the piping acts like a "whole-house" antenna!

Dan, we've got a great post and external link to help you and everyone else out with your specific antenna needs, so let's start there. You should be able to find what you need by following the guidelines and determining your budget. I would always recommend an amplified antenna for signal gain, and in your case, an omni-directional might be just the ticket! Thanks for the question and let us know what you decide!


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