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BioWare's Mass Effect revealed--exclusive trilogy


Mass EffectDuring an X05 press conference, Microsoft revealed the identity of BioWare's previously undisclosed Xbox 360 project. What was widely believed to be Jade Empire 2, turned out to be Mass Effect, the first title in a trilogy of games that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. Mass Effect is set 200 years in the future in a vast inter-galactic universe threatened by a legendary agent gone rogue. Players will lead a group of freedom fighters in an effort to save—what else—the universe. The trilogy will focus on the conflict between organic beings and artificial intelligence.

The synopsis doesn't exactly grab us, but if BioWare's past efforts are any indication, Mass Effect should be able to hold its weight amongst next-gen RPGs and adds another weapon to the Xbox 360's growing arsenal.

[Thanks, adg1034]

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