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Microsoft probably not getting its own music subscription service anytime soon

Peter Rojas
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Microsoft might have created the DRM that enabled Napster, Yahoo, and RealNetworks to all offer all-you-can-download online subscription music services (Napster To Go, Yahoo Music Unlimited, and Rhapsody To Go), but it doesn't look like they'll actually be offering one of their own anytime soon. Apparently talks between the company and the four major labels — EMI, Warner Music Group, Vivendi Universal, and Sony BMG — totally broke down this past Friday over Microsoft's reluctance to agree to labels' demand of royalties of between $6 to $8 per user per month. That'd be in line with what the other subscription services are ponying up, we're guessing that Microsoft promised to deliver a huge number of subscribers and in return wanted some sort of volume discount, something which the labels likely balked at since they're convinced that everyone (including and especially Apple) is already taking them for a ride.

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