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SanDisk ups Sansa to 4GB with m200, partners with Real

Marc Perton

SanDisk Sansa m200

SanDisk's original Sansa e100 portable audio player may not have turned a lot of heads, with its maximum capacity of 512MB and $190 price tag, though it did manage to win some fans for being one of the few recent players with an SD expansion slot. Now SanDisk has upped the ante but kept the price down with its m200 series, bumping the maximum capacity to 4GB and keeping the FM radio, line in and WMA DRM support (fans of the earlier models, however, may miss the SD slot, which has been scrapped from the new versions). Prices will range from $79 for the 512MB m230, to $199 for the 4GB m260. SanDisk has also partnered with Real Networks to offer $80 rebates to customers who sign up for a minimum six-month subscription to Real's Rhapsody to Go service. That cuts the price of the 512MB version down to nothing, and gets you 4GB for $120 — but, of course, you still have to pay Real $15 a month for Rhapsody.

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