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Sony's DSC-M2 Special Set with Lazy Susan

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sony DSC-M2 Special Set with Lazy Susan

We know what a lazy Susan is over here, but we're starting to get the distinct impression that it's not the same as a Lazy Susan over there. Dunno, maybe it's the fact that it's a perfumer and atomizer with a crown at the top—an especially contrived non-sequitur when paired with Sony's new matching lux colored version of the DSC-M2. If we understand correctly, you're supposed to smell the scent as you take your photos, thus enhancing your scent-memory and providing a more vivid experience of recollection. Or maybe we just made all that up—who the hell would actually carry around a scent wand for spritzing while snapping photos? You know, don't even answer that.

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