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Panasonic shows off Blu-ray notebook drive

Marc Perton

panasonic blu-ray notebook

It's just a prototype, and since it's being displayed under glass it could be made of cardboard for all we know, but Panasonic is showing off a prototype laptop with a built-in Blu-ray drive at the Ceatac Japan 2005 trade show. The drive is a multi-function DVD/Blu-ray recorder, with the ability to record and play Blu-ray discs as well as recordable DVDs. Sony is also displaying Blu-ray recorders as part of a Vaio-R entertainment system that contains a separate DVD-R drive. Of course, Toshiba is also displaying prototype HD-DVD-equipped laptops, despite announcing that no real units will be out anytime soon, so who knows what's really going to show up in stores.

[Thanks, Alexei]

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