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EA developers criticize Rise of the Imperfects

Ross Miller

EA's first foray into the fighting game genre, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, has not met with a warm response for critics or fans alike. An EA developer sent game girl advance her own review of the game – and while he or she did not personally work on the game, an employee speaking out against her own company's work is rare enough to warrant attention. The biggest problems she had with the game were the duplicate characters, the poorly implemented control scheme, and the much-too-revealing manual.

However, the developer did point out a nice mechanic where the player actually gets to play as the end boss for a round, which "empowers the player." He or she did lament that most people who play the game will not stay with it long enough to see this and hopes it is a feature implemented in future fighting games.

Of those who have played the game, what is your opinion on it?

[via GameGeekNews. Thanks, Master X 24]

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