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Engadget Japanese still at CEATEC JAPAN 2005

Liam McNulty


Does it get any better than finger phones and Memory Stick cars? Engadget Japanese sez, "Yes!" as they give us, their lowly American counterparts, a look at the at hardware side of this year's CEATEC JAPAN 2005. So how does simultaneous decoding of 48 MPEG-2 streams, robot combat via mobile phone, fuel cell MP3 players, and plenty of other stuff we won't see here in the USA for at least another 5 years sound? Good? Click on!


This is Toshiba Matsushita?s display you can write on using an optical pen. It employs ?System on Glass? technology to embed an optical sensor and processor in the glass of the LCD. We actually heard about this one earlier, but it?s good to see how it works firsthand.

A Cell reference board (what else?).

Here?s a demonstration of the Cell processor simultaneously decoding 48 different MPEG-2 streams.

Elsewhere, we found a demo unit of a Toshiba gigabeat that uses fuel cells for a 60 hour battery life. Looks like even 60 hours isn?t enough for some people.

NTT DoCoMo?s P901iTV, which features a single-segment/analog terrestrial TV tuner.

This is the MUSIC PORTER X, which can both receive and record satellite digital audio broadcasts.

Another look at the ?Yubiwa,? a Bluetooth headset that uses bone conduction.

Someone decided to stick a FOMA AV Unit inside of their ROBONOVA-1 kit. Ever wanted to control your own personal robot from your mobile phone? Here?s your chance.

?You who are without mercy, now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff.?

Video from the robot?s internal camera is relayed back to the phone. Preprogrammed action commands can be sent to the robot using your standard number keys.

This is the W33SA, au?s single-segment mobile.

?Number 5 stupid name? want to be Kevin or Dave!?

That?s next generation media!

A nice size comparison of the Memory Stick Micro to current generation sticks.

You?ve seen the Blu-ray notebook, so here?s the matching Blu-ray desktop. It?s a VAIO Type R.

It?d be pretty awesome if someone turned any one of these next-gen DVD players into a building. Here?s another standalone Blu-ray player prototype from Sony.

?The only media recognized as the next generation of DVD.? Or something.

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