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Japan celebrates "Robot Dog Dress-Up Day"

Evan Blass

japanese robot dog dress-up day

File this one under: "Only in Japan." In America we are forced to watch Paris Hilton publicly humiliate little Tinkerbell by dressing her up in all kinds of gaudy designer outfits; the Japanese, on the other hand, seem to prefer the more humane practice of dressing up their AIBOs in wacky costumes. At the Tokyo Competition 2005 in the Marunouchi shopping district, 40 artistic robot dog lovers showed up to compete for the title of "Most Cleverly Dressed Robotic Companion" (we made that up), displaying such gems as the Spiderman Dog, the Ninja Dog, and what looks to be an AIBO completely covered in bath sponges. No mention here of the winner, but when robot dogs get all decked out and hit the town, aren't we all winners in some way?

[Via Protein Feed]

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