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First review of the HTC Wizard/QTEK 9100/I-mate K-JAM crops up

Ryan Block, @ryan

HTC Wizard review

Not to whet your appetite too much for a device that apparently won't be out here until early next year (sigh), but the peeps at got their hands on a pre-production QTEK 9100 and production I-mate K-JAM (aka, the HTC Wizard—not to be confused with the HTC Apache/PPC-6700), and put 'em through the paces. Besides the fact that the things only have a 200MHz OMAP CPU and could barely run Skype (and we do mean barely—Skype calls for at least a 400MHz CPU), geek thinks this is finally the device to unseat their beloved Treo 650, and even called it the best WinMo device they've yet used. We've all got high hopes, natch, but seriously, a 200MHz processor? Who are they kidding when the PPC-6700 skips straight to a 416MHz Xscale CPU?

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