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"Mom-Kid Cares" wireless toddler leash

Evan Blass
mom-kid cares leash

While highly effective, the rope leashes that some parents use to control their toddlers are kind of humiliating to everyone involved. Once again, though, technology comes to the rescue, as now mom and dad have the much less embarassing option of ordering the oddly-titled "Mom-Kid Cares" (if you haven't guessed, this is a foreign product). This device is basically a portable version of the ankle bracelets used to keep parolees tethered to their halfway houses, except here mom carries the receiver and junior (whom the website lovingly refers to as "the object") carries the transmitter; if the two parts are separated by either 4 or 5.5-meters (parent's choice) a screeching alarm indicates that the little one is out of pocket. So now for under $10 you can finally ditch that leash and put it to better use: taking your costumed robotic dog out for a walk.

[Via TRFJ]

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