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Daktronics to build world's largest HD LED display

Evan Blass

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dolphins stadium LED

Big news, people: we've just placed an order for a new TV set, and we guarantee it's gonna be bigger than anything you've ever seen. Arriving soon at Engadget Stadium (currently Dolphins Stadium, but Santa knows we've been extra-good this year) is a megaginormous flat-panel LED screen that measures—are you ready for this—freakin' 1,750-inches diagonal (props to our man Pythagoras for the assist on the calculation). Our new baby is being custom built by South Dakota-based Daktronics, and will feature a 2,112 x 736 (that's like 1.5 million pixels) resolution with a super-widescreen format that puts 16:9 to shame. Unfortunately, this won't be available till next season, but that just gives us extra time to build the 50TB DVR we're gonna need to capture all the action.

[Thanks, Omer]

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