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The Tungsten TX is close, so close

Peter Rojas
Tungsten TX box

October is traditionally the month when Palm introduces new handhelds, and it looks like we're not too far off from seeing them finally bust out the Tungsten TX, their long-awaited update to the Tungsten T5. We've gotten one report of a TX turning up at Best Buy in Texas (how appropriate is that?), but what really seals the deal are the pics of one that are up over at Mobile01. Can't find any solid specs listed, but you can see from the box that it has built-in Bluetooth and WiFi. Oh, and it's got to be a relief for some of you out there that it's clearly running Palm OS 5 — so far it looks like Palm isn't going to install Windows Mobile on anything but Treos.

[Thanks, Sammy at Palm Addict]

Tungsten TX

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