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HDTV videos from Apple

Kevin C. Tofel

OK, fire up those browsers, clear that broadband pipeline and start downloading! Apple is demonstrating their high-def content for QuickTime, so git it while the gittin's good. All of these videos are encoded using the H.264 codec; you'll be hearing quite a bit about this one in the near future as it's the de-facto standard for MPEG-4 compression. H.264 (part 10 to be specific) offers MPEG-2 quality at 30% to 50% of the data rate. Are you starting to see why Dish Network, DirecTV and other providers are planning a move from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4?

There are demonstration videos ranging from recent motion pictures (Fantastic Four and Batman Begins) to outstanding nature and science videos (BBC Motion Gallery: Andes and NASA Space Shuttle). If you have the computing horsepower, graphics card and capable display, all of these are worthy of your broadband connection. Give 'em a shot and then tell everyone what you thought of each in our comments!


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