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A Trojan is now out to brick your DS, too

Dan Choi

A brick concerning good educationFor DS owners beginning to feel left out by that PSP Trojan circulating online right now, a hacker by the name of DarkFader has managed to bring that brick-making goodness to Nintendo's previously protected portable as well.

So unless you want a $130 brick on your hands, try to avoid anything by the likes of r0mloader (supposedly named that way to combat piracy) or taihen (which was said to be a hentai-filled ROM). This little Trojan homebrew will reportedly wreck your DS (unless you preemptively ran FlashMe) and "affect your GBAMP firmware and/or your SuperCard Firmware," too.

Remember, kiddies: handheld firmware is a terrible thing to waste, so play safe, and homebrew with your head. Here's a similar link from Engadget.

[Thanks, anonymous, Covarr, JonathanEx, and Nico]

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