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Charge your iPod, other devices wirelessly with Splashpad

David Chartier

Splashpower has introduced the SplashPad, a flat, mousepad-sized base station that, when plugged into a wall, is capable of wirelessly charging many portable electronics such as iPods and mobile phones just by placing the device on the Splashpad. It features a customizable surface, multiple sizes for charging many devices at once, integrated solutions (for a car, for example) and international standards friendliness. A thin, customizable SplashModule Power Receiver must be attached to the mobile device in order for the SplashPad to be able to charge it. Originally selling in the UK, Splashpower has stated they're in talks with hotels and car makers. Small, individual pads will sell for $30-40, while larger multi-device pads will retail around $150-200.


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