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More SED details from Canon emerge

Kevin C. Tofel

Still no word on when we'll see these in the States, but as we indicated earlier, look for early 2007 for an SED set from Canon. There could be a product launch in late 2006 for Canon, but it would like be restricted to Japan. Next up for SED-goodness is Europe in 2007 with a 55-inch set.

At the recent Canon Expo, a 36-inch SED was placed next to both a plasma and an LCD set. According to reports from folks who saw the demo, the SED image was brighter and had more vibrant colors while maintaining black levels at least as good as plasma. Additionally, there were power meters attached to all three sets. The SED set varied between 92-watts and 132-watts; the PDP hit a high end of 202-watts, while the LCD was a constant 135-watts.

Most interesting of all is the expected price. Although there are no official pricing details from Canon, the industry is already speculating that the initial 55-inch SED set will be on par with a comparably priced PDP. Is anyone marking the end of PDPs already?


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