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The next step in HDTV domination: Women

Matt Burns

The next important step in reaching HDTV domination is reaching a new audience. Men have already accepted the fact that these widescreen sets are better to watch sports and movies on but women are slow to acknowledge them. The fact of the matter is that women do not have a reason to desire a HDTV. There is no programming targeting women.

Sure, we have Desperate Housewives, but dare I say that is a family drama? There is a need for more programming whose audience are purely women. The two best shows that would increase the transitions to HD must be Oprah and The View. The both attract a very large women following and the format of the show is perfect for widescreen HD. A viewer would benefit from a widescreen format in the same way that late night shows do; you see more of the stage. The View is perfect for this, as the cameras would not have to cut back in forth in order to follow the conversation. Maybe Opera can even give away an HDTV to all of the audience members to kick it off.

If these shows were to go to high definition, and then promote the benefits, the sales of HDTVs would increase. What do you think? Should there be more HDTV programming that targets the female audience?


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