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Engadget Podcast 047 - 10.11.2005

Ryan Block, @ryan

Well, wouldn't you know it-we got our hands on a real life Xbox 360, and is there ever a lot to talk about between the killer graphics, fluid game play, and Microsoft's well-laid plans to take over the gaming world this fall. But we're also well worked up over Apple's big announcement this week (what ever could it be?), and we've only got about fifteen theories as to what could be going down. Last, but certainly not least, we've got a little something on the results of the DARPA Grand Challenge this weekend-besides being impressed with the performance of all the teams involved, we were perhaps most impressed that we didn't even have occasion to laugh at even a little bit o' wacky robot hijinks this year. Ah well, there's always DGC06 for us-but for you there's Podcast 47, check check it!

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

J+J+J - Portable Ultra Sound

49:18, 22.5 MB, MP3

00:36 Our test-run with the Xbox 360
13:18 Oh, one more thing... another Apple event on the 12th
23:02 Samsung being investigated by Korean FTC for unfair trading practices?
26:26 Samsung's SGH-E910 Bang & Olufsen Serene "fashionphone"
28:34 Sony Ericsson P990
32:05 DirecTV introducing new DVR
36:04 The HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray saga continues
41:42 DARPA Grand Challenge


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