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Large vintage computer museum collection on eBay auction block


Here's one for the rich collectors out there.

There's an entire computer museum consisting of over 430 vintage and rare computers up on eBay right now. "From Altair to Zenith!" Highlights include the Altair MITS 8800, an Apple Lisa, Apple II+,  a bunch of other Apple and Mac systems, Tandys, Commodores and Atari 600XL. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the seller is willing to split up the lot, so it's all or nothing.

The 7-day auction ends on Oct 15th at 10am PT. Current bid is less than $4,000, but every faithful eBay'er knows that those numbers are meaningless until the last 5 seconds when the sniping begins.

Hey Dave - you have room in your basement for all these, right?


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