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XBox 360: Engadget plays and HD comments abound

Kevin C. Tofel

Engadget got a few hours with the Xbox 360 earlier this week and they have their impressions on the site. Looks like overall "happy-happy, joy-joy" gaming bliss so far, but we thought you'd be interested in the high-def video streaming comments from Engadget's readers in case you missed them:

  • "They showed the Xbox streaming high def video off of a PC and it was perfect." Did you happen to notice if the PC was running XP or Media Center?
  • I guess the big question is, do you have to have a HD widescreen TV to see any benefit from the Xbox 360 graphics?
  • In most cases 16:9 mode gives you a larger FOV. It doesn't magically make the textures or geometry better.
  • buy a x30 when it´s launch? no way, i prefer to wait the new version of x360 with HD-DVD... for the same price.
  • I had read that Xbox 360 supports HD. In this context, does Xbox 360 (and the games themselves) output two different resolutions?
We're going to work like mad (and give up our first-born if we must) to get our hands on an XBox 360 to look at the high-def capabilities; until then, whet your appetite with the first look over at Engadget.


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